What Summer Blockbuster Movies Can Teach You About Home Remodeling

Summer is the season of vacations, barbeques and the most exciting movies of the year. Whether you’re a big movie fan or just occasionally visit the theater, there are a couple home remodeling tips you can take away from this summer’s most anticipated hits.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

As far-fetched as the story line might be – we realized that there was some truth to it. Even though we may be convinced of our country’s history, part of Hollywood’s allure is the ability to create something new off of a historic foundation. You can do the same thing with your home. Homes, especially older ones, have so much history. Embrace the history, but don’t be afraid to add your own modern details – even if they don’t seem to naturally go with the house – that weave a story unique to your family.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker is back! While he looks a bit different from the past couple of versions, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in this comic book story made real. Aside from Spider Man’s high flying acrobatics and uncanny ability to stick to any surface, we can’t get past how strong the windows must be to support him. Thankfully, the average home doesn’t need industrial grade glass for windows. That doesn’t mean you should ignore this feature of your home, though. Modern windows let in natural light, conserve energy, and act as theft deterrents. A weak window could compromise your family’s safety – and Spider Man’s!

The Dark Knight Rises

One of the allures of Batman has always been that nothing is ever what it seems. In a story that has spanned nearly eight decades, Bruce Wayne’s house represents his status and secret as the city’s fearless protector. The various homes, constructed in English styles, had serious curb appeal that had architecture enthusiasts swooning. You may not be able to incorporate the Jacobean feel in your home, but you can make sure that it draws attention for all of the right reasons. Manicured gardens, a healthy lawn, siding repair and a paint job are a few ways that can make your home’s exterior dynamic. Make sure you look for the remodeled Wayne Manor in Dark Knight Rises.

Total Recall

It’s only been 12 years since the original Total Recall was released, but this remake will be interesting with its action-packed and mind-warping theme. Quaid, the main character, has to determine what’s real and what’s imagined. Homeowners experience something similar: the home improvement projects they’ve started (real) and the ones they have continually remind themselves to finish someday (recall). The recall usually kicks in when you open a cabinet that sticks and realize you really should dig out the supplies and finish the job. If you need more motivation, read these tips on how to restart a home remodeling project.

Men in Black 3

While we don’t expect an alien invasion any time soon, the Men in Black movies have taught us a valuable lesson: overwhelming jobs require professionals who know a lot of things, and have a lot of resources, that you don’t. We specialize in fixing your problems and removing the bad memories that have kept you worrying long enough. We don’t wear black but we will bring the right tools to complete the job.










Images provided by Columbia Pictures via DigBoston, 20th Century Fox via Crushable, Columbia Pictures via MovieCarpet.

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